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TRILOW is the total extract of fresh ripe fruits of wild Amla that favours healthy reduction of factors contributing to Cardio-vascular diseases. There is no single reason and a simple solution for CHD. Trilow is a diet supplement that protects heart naturally by regulating all the factors contributing to it.


  • Helps manage Atherogenic Index of Plasma
  • Helps manage Triglycerides
  • Helps manage bad cholesterol LDL
  • Helps manage Total Cholesterols
  • Helps manage ApoB-ApoA1 ratio
  • Regulates HMGCOA Activity and maintains COQ10 level

Trilow reduces Triglycerides

Many studies have indicated that as the triglyceride level rises, so does heart disease risk, but the link seems to vary depending on what other risk factors are present. The NCEP guidelines recommend aggressive treatment for elevated triglycerides. Recent studies indicate that an elevated triglyceride level is significantly linked to the degree of heart disease risk. The 2001 guidelines recommend treating even borderline- high triglyceride levels.

Indian Gooseberry Total Extract: Lowers LDL

Coronary heart disease is the leading killer of men and women in Western civilization. There’s no doubt that lowering the amount of LDL cholesterol sliding through your bloodstream can reduce your odds of having a heart attack. Data from dozens of studies indicate that the chance of being stricken with a heart attack drops 20 percent to 30 percent with effective LDL lowering. It Is Low-Density Lipoproteins that Are Associated with CHD

Amla Extract: Maintains good Cholesterol HDL

HDL Cholesterol is protective and reduces the risk of Coronary Heart Disease. Lower the total cholesterol higher the HDL. HDL2 or HDL3? High density lipoproteins are of two types. HDL2 and HDL3. More of HDL2 is required to be present to prevent CHD and to keep the heart healthy.

Trilow reduces Atherogenic Index of Plasma (AIP)

Lowering of this index indicates that TG is reduced and HDL2 is increased. Thus Trilow is “Heart-Diet Supplement” keeping a healthy heart naturally.

Trilow reduces hs-CRP

C - reactive protein (CRP) is a predictor of Cardiac health. Elevated levels of CRP indicates an unhealthy Heart and the possibility of a heart attack.

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