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Curegarden Gluco Balance 60 Caps

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Curegarden Natural Gluco Balance: Three botanicals working synergistically for metabolic health

Curegarden Gluco Balance combines the benefits of turmeric (BCM-95™), amla and pterocarpus to create one powerful solution for blood sugar imbalance.

Known to modulate the pathways leading to insulin resistance and improve the sensitivity of receptors to insulin, BCM-95™ helps improve hyperglycaemia and whole body insulin resistance, and also protects against other problems associated with blood sugar imbalance: breakdown of eye tissue, potential brain damage, neuropathy, and heart disease.

The antioxidant properties of amla inhibit oxidative stress and prevent the formation of free radicals which leads to blood sugar imbalance related complications in various body organs.

Pterocarpus marsupium, the Indian Kino tree, is among the most commonly studied botanicals in relation to blood sugar imbalance. In fact, pterocarpus regenerates the beta cells that produce insulin in the pancreas.

These three botanicals work powerfully and synergistically to suppress spikes in glucose levels via multiple mechanisms — enhancing glucose control and insulin sensitivity, quelling inflammation at the cellular level, and restoring balance across a range of systems ravaged by blood sugar imbalance.

Natural Gluco Balance works as an adjunct therapy. To follow a diabetes natural cure based route, you must consult your physician for dosage related queries.

Bio-available curcumin: Super-absorbable, scientifically validated curcurmin

One diabetes natural cure used since time immemorial is turmeric. Turmeric’s medicinal properties come from its most active compound called curcumin. While curcumin is a natural solution for metabolic disorders, its many benefits have been hampered by its poor absorption and availability to inflamed tissues.

Bio-available curcumin (BCM-95™) is produced with a unique and patented process that delivers a superior-absorbing curcumin formulation that is seven times more bio-available than conventional curcumin extracts.

Studies show that one 400mg capsule a day of BCM-95™ can provide curcumin blood levels equal to ingesting 2,500–2,800mg of commercially available curcumin supplements. Not only does this turmeric formulation provide far greater peak blood levels, but the curcumin also remains in the bloodstream for almost twice as long as conventional supplements.

Applying curcumin’s multi-targeted benefits to blood sugar imbalance

The superior absorbing curcumin formulation BCM-95™ works in three different and distinct ways in lowering blood sugar: by increasing sugar uptake from blood, by decreasing new glucose formation, and by increasing insulin’s effectiveness.

BCM-95™, extracted from curcumin, helps to bring blood sugar under control in the liver, where it decreases the activity of enzymes that make new sugar molecules, while also decreasing the activity of enzymes that break down and store sugar. Curcumin also contributes to glucose control in blood sugar imbalance by increasing the number of insulin receptors on cell membranes and improving their insulin-binding capacity, restoring both to near-normal levels. The high antioxidant activity and anti-inflammatory action of bio-available curcumin (BCM-95™) creates a most powerful solution to quell inflammation at the cellular level, and keeps the body’s metabolic function intact.

The formulation has no negative side effects, and is totally safe. This unique patented complex provides enhanced bio-availability and sustained retention time in the body.

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